Shop Local

Everyone has heard it by now ...

... we need to shop local. Buy local. Support local. It's exhausting. 

But it's true.

Even before COVID-19 local businesses were under threat from e-commerce sites, but the shift to shopping online took off during the pandemic and now stores of all sizes are struggling and failing. We need those local retailers: they employ staff, they actually pay taxes and they contribute to the health of our cities and towns. 

How do we fix this?

Online shopping is here to stay. No amount of wishful thinking is going to magically get shoppers back in stores the way they were in the past. Instead, we need to find ways to keep local stores competitive and give them tools to keep serving customers in this new economy. Putting up a website isn't enough.

We're trying to make that happen, but we need your help.

Our company has built tools to make it easier for you to support local businesses. We have an app that can help you support businesses that are good corporate citizens. We're building a network of delivery partners so you can order from the store down the street just like you would from a restaurant delivery app. Our goal is to make it possible for stores of any size to offer an even better experience than you would get from your favourite e-commerce site.

What we need:

We're not asking for money, or time. We need to know how many people might use our product before we make the investment needed to support more businesses. All we want is your e-mail address and the province or state where you live. We will NEVER sell it, or send you spam. You'll only hear from us when we're ready to launch in your area. That's it.

What we need:

If you believe in what we're trying to do, please plug in your e-mail address below. If you know other people who want local businesses to thrive, please pass this on to them. And if you have a store, no matter how big or small, and you want to learn more about what we're doing, please click here.

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