Get Local

It starts at home


Everyone wants to shop local, but it's tough to ignore the convenience of shopping online. We get it. But have you thought about just how important local businesses are to our economy? The stores in your community sponsor hockey teams, employ your neighbours and actually pay taxes.

It turns out that shopping online is a tough habit to break. We're trying to make it easier for you to find the same great products and pricing you expect online, but from your local shops. 

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To get you plugged in with the stores in your area, we've developed an app. It doesn't throw pop-ups at you or make annoying sounds. Instead it sits in the background of your browser while you shop online, looking for local alternatives that are in-stock.




When we find a matching product, we plug a link for it into the page you're looking at. If you choose to click through, the link will take you to details about the store, the product, inventory and alternatives that may work better.

If nothing suitable is available, the app sits quietly in the background, waiting for the next chance to help you search local stores.



Most of us believe that shopping online is a way to find lower prices and in some cases that's true. Smaller stores can struggle to keep up with pricing that can often change dynamically on some e-commerce sites. 

We've found a way to help you save money AND support the stores in your area. Using our platform retailers can automatically price-match their online competitors using our app. So even if you find a better deal online, you can keep your spending local. 

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Saving local businesses is worth it, but we need your help.