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What is this all about anyway?

NEAR is a company that's built to bring people shopping online back into stores in their community. Our goal is to enable regional economies to offer the same capabilities and convenience as e-commerce giants without destroying our environment and neighbours' livelihoods.

How does that work?

The first step is to let people shopping online know that the products they're shopping for are available in their own community. With the advent of e-commerce we've become more discerning about the things we buy. Finding them in physical stores can take too much time and effort so shoppers are inclined to order online instead. We're removing the time and effort you'd be spending going from store to store by making all of them searchable in a single place.

What do I need to do?

Our solution requires you to run an app while you shop. Once you install it, you don't need to do anything else at all. The app runs in the background while you search online, constantly searching local stores for products that match what you're looking for. When we find one, we plug a link into the page you're looking at to let you know that a local option exists.

What if I don't see anything local?

At the moment, we have a pretty small relative number of participating retailers. We need more stores to populate our database with their products. If you know someone who owns or runs any sort of retail store, please let them know about our service. We can't connect you with products we don't know about.