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About NEAR


NEAR Technology Group was founded to help brick and mortar stores compete more successfully against their e-commerce challengers. Our reasoning was simple: e-commerce is bad for all but a very few companies and their shareholders. It has an out-sized environmental footprint. It kills off the retailers who employ our neighbours and actually pay taxes. Its entire business model is to mine wealth from a community and give as little back as possible. We’d like to see that change.

​If you want more people to spend their money closer to home, you’ve got to make it a better experience than shopping online. Cheaper, faster, and more convenient: these are all the things we’ve come to expect from our e-commerce shopping experience and retailers are going to need to deliver on those same promises.

At NEAR, we’re developing software and partner programs to make it possible for stores of all sizes to improve how they service their customers. More importantly, our tools make it easier to reach new customers and quickly establish a relationship with them. We are laser-focused on creating value for brick and mortar retailers all while making it easier and more compelling for consumers to shop local.