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About NEAR

Our mission at NEAR is to help bring online shoppers back to stores in their own cities and towns. We strongly believe that shopping close to home builds more resilient, healthier  communities.

To achieve our goal we're building partnerships, programs and software that together can strengthen the relationship between local businesses and their customers while adding value and convenience for both.

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Shop Local, online


Our app is built to make it easier for you to shop locally, even when you're not. While you're searching your favourite e-commerce sites, we search your local stores for the same or similar products. When we find a match, we plug it into the page you're viewing so you know there's a local option. No pop-ups or annoying sounds - just a gentle reminder that you could support a local business with this purchase. The rest is up to you.

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For retailers


NEAR is building our tools to help retailers reach people in their community as they shop online. Most consumers report that they want to support local businesses but that finding the products they need locally is too difficult and too time consuming. 

Connecting with consumers is harder than ever. Traditional advertising is less effective and prime real estate doesn't bring customers through the door the way it used to. If you've moved part of your business online you already know how hard it can be to attract new business. Our solution solves that by advertising your inventory directly to potential customers when they shop at Amazon and other e-commerce sites. 

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